Terms and Conditions

  1. Pippady Pty Ltd A.C.N 105 024 262 Trading as Farm Sitters – Australia (“PPL”) enters into this transaction as the “Publisher”. All registrations (memberships/advertisements) are accepted subject to approval by the Publisher.
  2. The Member warrants to PPL that the matter within the advertisement in no way contravenes any State or Federal Legislation, Copyright or Trade Mark Laws, or any other Statute, Regulation or other Law whatsoever, and contains nothing obscene, indecent or libellous, and is not false, misleading or deceptive and is not likely to mislead or deceive in any way whatsoever; and that the Member agrees to indemnify PPL and its employees, officers or agents against all claims, demands, costs, penalties, suits and liabilities of any nature however caused, whether by negligence or otherwise incurred by PPL or its employees, officers, or agents arising out of the publication of the advertisement.
  3. The Member acknowledges and agrees that PPL and its employees, officers and agents shall not be liable for any loss, damage, claim, or demand incurred or made by any persons arising from the publication or acceptance for publication of an advertisement.
  4. PPL Reserves the Right to: (a) place any advertisement in any position on any page. Specific positions for advertising are not guaranteed. (b) vary the total number of advertisements in each list, fax or email format at the discretion of the Publisher. (c) delete, edit, or alter wholly or in part any advertisement at any time without notice or compensation to the Member in order to comply with any requirements or standards relating to the publications as may vary from time to time. (d) refuse a registration from any person/s at any time.
  5. PPL warrants that it will use due care in respect of the compilation and publication of advertisements. However, PPL does not warrant or represent that publications will be free from errors or omissions or that publications will be produced and/or circulated by a particular date, and accepts no responsibility or liability for any error or omission or its subsequent effects.
  6. (a) PPL will provide the Member with a proof of the advertisement within 14 days of submission by the Member. PPL will provide the Member with an updated proof of said advertisement within 14 days of any alterations being made to the said advertisement and/or at the Member’s request. (b) The Member agrees to be solely responsible for ensuring that any errors or omissions, typographical or otherwise, or any required changes or alterations to the matter contained within the advertisement are brought to the attention of the Publisher. The Member further agrees to notify the Publisher if an advertising proof is not received within 14 days of submission or alteration. In the event that an advertising proof is not received by the Member, and/or the Member fails to notify the Publisher of same, then the Member agrees that PPL, its employees, officers or agents shall not be held responsible for any event or results ensuing from such failure to notify.
  7. PPL does not warrant or represent the success or otherwise of any advertisements published in the lists. In addition PPL does not warrant or represent the success of clients in securing customers at anytime.
  8. Advertisements may only be withdrawn from circulation prior to the expiry of the agreed advertising period subject to approval by the Publisher. Written and signed authorisation by the Member is required, and in the event that the aforementioned is requested by electronic means and receipt by PPL of said notification is on a non-business day the withdrawal date will deemed to be the subsequent business day.
  9. PPL reserves the right to use in whole or in part any written matter, quotation or reference provided by the Member, for the purposes of advertising, publicity, or other promotion, without first obtaining written permission from the Member for use of same. The Member agrees that PPL has the right to use any such material for the purposes stated.
  10. In addition to the rights reserved in Clause 4 and 6(b), PPL also reserves the right to place an advertisement on any electronic media such as electronic networks and computer discs, and to alter as necessary any advertisement for such placement. The Customer specifically authorises any such placement and agrees that clauses 1 to 9 above shall apply to such placement.