Fantastic Farm Sitter

Hi Kim

I just wanted to give you some feedback on our experience of Farmsitters
Australia, We are just back from a three month trip seeing some of Aust.
Trip was really great. We partly attribute our great holiday to knowing that
all was well at home. Bruce farmsat for us and he was simply
fantastic. The house and garden were immaculate on our return and Bruce more
than adequately looked after the farm and took on any jobs that we threw at
him, in our absence. He also participated in the local community (played
tennis, went to some local functions and helped out at a hay drive).

Farmsitters Australia gave us a great opportunity to seek a suitable person
to mind our farm so that we could pursue a dream of touring Australia with
our children. Because of that I believe that Farmsitters Australia plays a
vital role in assisting with the health and wellbeing of farm families.
Thankyou so much for developing the concept. You are doing really filling an
important need in rural Australia.

Regards and our sincerest thanks

Penny and Andrew February 9, 2017

A wonderful service to the farming community

Hi Kim and Phillip,

I think you are providing a wonderful service to the farming community throughout Australia, particulary those like us who do not have family on the property, and we were delighted to use it last year.

We had six weeks overseas and had a wonderful couple (from Deloraine in Tasmania) look after our property, cattle, dog, chooks, garden and home. Apart from that, we have made another friend. We went to Tasmania last month and visited them at their property and spent some great time with them.

We did not use the farm sitting service for this three weeks away, just had a local feeding and checking our cattle, dog in kennels, garden gone to the dogs, home freezing to return to. We would have liked to have Marg and Peter here, but we wanted to visit them!

Next year we will have them again – we have already asked them.

Keep up the good work,

Kind regards,

Merilyn South Australia February 9, 2017

Lovely to see our house and animals were well looked after

Dear Kim and Phillip

We came across the idea of farm sitters from a friend who had heard about the service.  As we were intending on travelling as a family and being absent from our farm for nearly 6 weeks, it was nice to have the option of having someone live in our home and care for our farm and our animals.  From our initial contact with Colin and Anne, it was obvious they had our best interests in mind when they decided to come and look after our farm.  We had regular contact with them whilst we were away which meant we always knew what was going on and were able to help with any issues they had.  Upon our return, it was lovely to see our house and animals were well looked after.

We would highly recommend Farm Sitters and the service it provides and are grateful to Colin and Anne for taking care of our farm and animals.

Stuart and Soolan January March 26, 2017

Farmsitters now friends

Hi Kim and Phillip,
We would like to thank your site for the absolutely wonderful farm sitter Val.
Val travelled from Victoria to farm sit for us in NSW last month.
What a kind & efficient Lady she is.
Everything we asked of her was done & the animals were so well cared for.
One of the old dogs even went looking for her when she left.
We are proud to call Val a good friend of ours.
Thank you
Lorraine and Jim

May 18, 2017

Committed and generous Farm Sitters

Graham and Hayley cared for our farm and domestic animals for a month over late January to late February 2017.
They are a very committed and competent couple who juggle twins, 2 dogs and whatever else comes their way with humour and practical capable skill and finesse.
This involved – watering vegetable crops, weeding (his initiative!) and observing for problems
-managing cattle – feeding hay, moving paddocks, observing for approaching calving.
-feeding and caring for our cat and dog
-watering our plants around the house and vegetable garden
This they did very well for a month during pretty hot and dusty times, with wonderful initiative taken beyond our expectations.
Their commitment and generosity is something very special and we would be very happy to recommend them for other farm sitting positions.

Regards, Leonie and Brett

May 18, 2017

Worry free holiday

Andrew and Anna would like to thank you for you website. We were able to go away on a worry free holiday knowing that our farm, house and pets were in good hands. We were away for a fortnight on a much needed break. We came home to a well kept farm and house along with making some great friends who thoroughly enjoyed learning about our property and everything it has to offer. “Thank you”

October 25, 2018

Pleased and Satifsied

Just a note to let you know how pleased and satisfied we were with El and Geoff who were our farm sitters for 2 weeks during our recent holiday.They were absolutely perfect,nothing was too much for them and they cared for our animals as if they were their own.Lovely people and we can thoroughly recommend them as farm sitters.



Jen and Paul October 25, 2018

Wonderful capable sitter found at short notice … we could still have our holiday!

Our farm sitter did a fantastic job. It is still very dry here and hard for her to keep up with the watering (river low and hoses clogging etc) but did a great job.  All animals happy, healthy and well, lawn mown and she had cleaned her room, washed sheets etc and house tidy.

Thank you, we were very appreciative of Zoe coming at such short notice and felt confident in her abilities.

I would be very happy to ask her again.

It is a great service and works well.

February 4, 2019

Thanks so much for an amazing service

Just a quick note to say we loved having Leanne and Rick here- they did a fantastic job and were lovely company when they stayed before we left and after we were home as well. Thoroughly recommend them!!!!

August 25, 2019