I need a Farm Sitter

List your property for the first year for $120 (inc.GST)

After the first year renew your memebership for $44(inc. GST) per year.

Allow registered Farm Sitters to see your full listing

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Thank you for your interest in Farm Sitters – Australia.

If you are looking to find a suitable, reliable person to care for your property while you are away, then Farm Sitters – Australia is for you!

Farm Sitters – Australia is the first of its kind, providing a link between you and a wide range of potential short-term caretakers for your property.

Once you become a Member of Farm Sitters – Australia you will have access, via your Membership password to our comprehensive list of Farm Sitters. Your details and requirements will also be listed on our web site. These details are accessible by Farm Sitter Members only.

Farm Sitters – Australia can also provide you with useful information on the general requirements of farm sitting and how to organise things, once you have found a Farm Sitter who you feel comfortable with.

Farm Sitters – Australia provides anyone who requires a Farm Sitter with a place to advertise their requirements. Farm Sitters – Australia also provides anyone who would like to farm sit with a place to advertise their services. We do “screen” the people who list with Farm Sitters – Australia through a reference check system prior to listing. And because we know how important it is for you to find the right person to care for your property, you are invited to contact us at anytime with any concerns.

You will find that most of the farm sitters who advertise through Farm Sitters – Australia will be genuine people who are looking to farm sit for many reasons. Some are retired farmers or property managers, farm workers or people who have had some rural experience. Others are people with the right skills and attitude who are looking for that something just a little different.

You may find from time to time that no one on the list is suitable or available when you need one. If so, don’t give up! Farm Sitters – Australia is receiving registrations all the time. If all else fails you can contact Farm Sitters – Australia anytime for an update.

Full membership to Farm Sitters – Australia is only $120.00 (inc GST) per year!

Farm Sitters – Australia look forward to having you join our Farm Sitting community.

I want to be a Farm Sitter

List as a Farm Sitter for the first year for $120 (inc.GST)

After the first year renew your memebership for $44(inc. GST) per year. Subject to approval

Allow registered farm owners to see your full listing

Use our site to search all farms looking for Farm Sitters

Farm Sitters – Australia is the first business of its kind totally dedicated to the needs of rural and regional Australia. You can become a Member to obtain farm-sitting positions anywhere in Australia.

If you are looking for something a little different, a return to your farming roots, filling in a bit of time or just feel the need to want to help people of rural Australia, then farm sitting is for you.

As a Farm Sitter, you live in someone else’s home, or your own mobile accommodation, and look after their property while they are away. You are expected to care for any pets, keep the home clean and tidy, and maintain the garden. Depending on your agreement with the farm owner you may be asked to check stock waters, fences and livestock and perform general maintenance. Above all, you provide great security for the client’s home and property simply by being there.

What’s in it for you?

Heaps! The opportunity to get out of town for awhile, get back to your roots, enjoy good clean country living, help someone in need, stay in a fully furnished homestead and earn some money at the same time!

The Farm Sitters – Australia database is the best place to advertise your Farm Sitting services and to access potential farm sits.

Farm Sitters – Australia works because we know the market and target your advertising for you. We target those property owners most likely to need a Farm Sitter. Your details are only accessible by people who are genuinely looking for someone like you.

Once your application has been processed, your details will be included on the Farm Sitters – Australia database for 12 months, and you can access the database of potential farm sits using your password.

The details of Farm Sitters registered with Farm Sitters – Australia are only available to members of Farm Sitters – Australia. Members pay a fee to access the database of Farm Sitters. This ensures that all enquiries are genuine.

Farm Sitters – Australia is simply an information provider. We do not individually match Farm Sitters with property owners. After confirmation of membership it is up to the property owner to select their own Farm Sitter or for you, as a Farm Sitter, to select a position that suits you. From there you can negotiate mutually suitable terms and conditions.

Farm Sitters – Australia does not endorse or recommend individual Farm Sitters. Everyone on the Farm Sitters – Australia database has equal opportunity to be selected. Each farm sitter has the same amount of space to advertise, and you are free to say or offer whatever you wish in your advertisement.

The Farm Sitters – Australia database is updated on a regular basis. Therefore your advertisement can begin working for you from the day we receive your Membership application and payment.

To register in the Farm Sitters – Australia database, you will need to fill out the online Membership Application. Please take your time when writing your advertisement. It is important to present your credentials, and what you feel you have to offer a property owner, in the best possible light.

Please note: Your details remain on the database regardless of how many farm sits you receive. We do not take you off the database after you get a position.

Membership to Farm Sitters – Australia is only $120.00 (inc GST) per year.

Farm Sitters – Australia look forward to having you join our farm sitting community.